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Hard Anodizing at American Tinning & Galvanizing, Co. in Erie, PA

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing refers to an electrochemical conversion process that creates an oxide film in a chemical solution which results in a more decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant finish. The actual anodize is a structure with holes throughout which absorbs colored dye thoroughly. American Tinning & Galvanizing Co. brings the expertise of the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program to your anodizing needs! Whether those needs include Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing and/or Type II & III Sulfuric Acid Anodizing, we provide quick turnaround with on-time delivery at competitive prices. Both of our anodizing processes are available with hot water, nickel acetate, or dichromate sealing options.

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Types of Anodizing

Chromic Acid Anodizing

American Tinning & Galvanizing Co. offers Chromic Acid Anodizing (MIL-A-8625 Type I) to protect aluminum components from corrosion. Chromic Acid Anodizing is mostly used for aluminum components exposed to high stresses such as the landing gear of an airplane. This anodizing process also adds a coating that is an excellent pretreatment before painting or primer.

Sulfuric Acid Anodizing

Our Sulfuric Acid Anodizing (MIL-A-8625 Types II & III) services offer additional corrosion protection for aluminum components. Type II anodizing improves both the longevity and aesthetics of parts (due to its ability to be dyed). Type III anodizing, also known as hardcoat anodizing, supplies a thicker coating with superior thermal shock, corrosion, and abrasion resistance

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