"We are the PROs in corrosion PROtection!"

Corrosion Protection Processes | American Tinning & Galvanizing - Erie, PA

American Tinning & Galvanizing Company specializes in the corrosion control of various metals, such as steel and aluminum, by providing “finishing” services. Our aluminum finishes include sulfuric acid type II & III, chromic acid anodizing, chromate conversion coatings and “two step” architectural bronze anodizing. American Tinning & Galvanizing Company employs over 70 employees, working 24 hours a day, 5½ days a week. Our company occupies 72,000 square feet of production, fabrication and warehouse space on the same corner it did over 80 years ago.

The metal finishing processes ATG offers include:

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Zinc Electroplating

Cadmium Electroplating

Electroless Nickel

Cold Black Oxide

Zinc Phosphate




The History of ATG

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American Tinning & Galvanizing Company was founded in 1931 by Fred Carlson and is a third generation, family-owned business. It was started as a tinning business with one employee and expanded its metal finishing capabilities during WWII.

In 1955, Fred & Harry Carlson established Carlson Erie Corporation as a fabricator of tanks and racks for ATG and the plating industry. Carlson’s son-in-law, Jack Scheppner, managed Carlson Erie Corporation and in the late 1970’s took over both companies.

Upon Mr. Scheppner’s retirement the leadership of the company was passed on to his daughter, Kathleen. In 2004, Kathleen retired and Carlson Erie was merged into American Tinning & Galvanizing Co. as its fabrication division. With Kathleen’s retirement, Jacqueline “Robin” Scheppner took the helm as Vice President and managing owner.

Today, American Tinning & Galvanizing Co. has grown into a thriving company by offering excellent customer service and an expanded menu of services to customers. We also validated our quality systems by earning the prestigious NADCAP aerospace accreditation. This certification has been awarded to us for more than a decade. Further, American Tinning & Galvanizing Co. has the honor of being one of the select chemical suppliers to earn the “with merit” distinction for our chemical processing and quality systems. The company has passed several audits from organizations like Bell Helicopter, Lord Manufacturing and Sierra Nevada Corporation.

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