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American Tinning & Galvanizing (ATG) offers specialized post-processing services on materials that require re-machining or re-chasing after finishing has been completed. To get the most out of metal finishes, it's important to perform post-processing services. Post-processing services will help increase the durability of the finish as well as maintain its overall quality.

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ATG has over 20 years of experience working with castings and alloys, including:

  • Copper
  • CBrass
  • CStainless steel
  • CCarbon steels
  • CAluminum

With our No. 5 turret lathes equipped with air chucks, we are capable of turning up to a 19-inch diameter. With increased demand for single-source pricing, our machining division is a true complement to our metal finishing capabilities. The specialized staff of ATG will work with you to determine which post-processing services are most suitable for your needs.

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